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At Seger | MD, our approach is unique to each patient as we focus on improving health, increasing energy, reducing inflammation and developing an overall better quality of life. Simply put – we don’t have a one size fits all approach.

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Did You Know That Obesity is Considered a Disease?

“Why can’t I lose weight?!”

“No matter what I do, nothing works!”

“I lost 15 pounds dieting, but why can’t I keep it off?!”


At Seger | MD, these are just some of the complaints we hear from patients who are frustrated, confused, and often losing hope. They feel as though they have tried everything they know to try, they have searched the internet, they have asked their doctors, and they have spent their hard-earned money on various diets, programs, and pills—but to no avail.



From a medical standpoint it would be impossible for the same solution to work for everyone, but THERE IS HOPE.

Many people struggle with obesity and even more are overweight. Seger | MD treats obesity as a disease, not a moral failing. It is reported that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or struggle with obesity (Harvard School of Public Health). There are many “weight loss clinics” out there, but we believe in more than simply reducing the number on the scale. We are committed to improving your overall health, reducing disease and inflammation—ultimately leading to an improvement in your overall quality of life. 


Dr. Jenny and the Seger | MD team, are extremely knowledgeable about all of the factors that can drive patients to gain weight. They help patients to understand why they may have gained weight so that they are equipped with the tools they need not only to lose weight, but to sustain that weight loss. Now is the time to take action even if you don’t currently have any weight-related illnesses. 


Our program focuses on utilizing prescribed nutrition and lifestyle plans in addition to medications and surgical interventions – when appropriate. Not every patient requires medication to lose weight but, for those who do, it is important to work with someone with the knowledge and expertise to guide them safely through the entire process. 

The Key to Your Success Boils Down to 3 Words: Science, Education & Lifestyle


Seger | MD has developed a medically proven program focused on the science of what causes the human body to store surplus fuel or energy (in the form of fat tissue) in a tank that is already full. It is clear that when this occurs, the wires are crossed, and the body is confused. We understand this complex process very well and help untangle those wires and get you moving in the right direction.  Nutrition, physical activity (or lack thereof), hormonal imbalances, stress, poor sleep, and unhealthy gut bacteria (microbiome) are all factors that will be evaluated at Seger MD.  


Seger | MD believes in teaching patients the fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism so they can begin to see how food interacts and impact their bodies.  There are no “bad” foods; however, there are absolutely many foods in the Standard American Diet (aka the “SAD” diet) that bring LITTLE TO NO nutritional value and just serve to raise blood sugars, triggering higher circulating insulin and subsequent inflammation. Patients simply need to ask themselves….is what I have been eating and drinking working to help me move closer to my goals? If the answer is no, it’s time for a change. At Seger | MD, you’ll find a program that is educational, supportive, collaborative, and, ultimately, SUCCESSFUL.



Seger | MD’s approach is holistic, encompassing a spectrum of physical, psychological, and social elements of wellness. —fortunately, that package often comes with weight loss and sustainable weight management. This approach not only promotes overall health but also supports sustainable weight loss. At Seger | MD, our medical weight management strategy focuses on eight key elements:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress Management
  5. Gut Microbiome
  6. Hormones
  7. Purpose
  8. Community/Connectedness

These elements are interconnected and essential for achieving optimal results. However, each patient’s journey is unique, which is why Seger | MD offers personalized programs tailored to individual needs.

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Your path to weight loss is singularly yours, and at Seger | MD, we’re committed to supporting you through every phase of your journey.

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